Taking off tire from a rim - easiest way on Nissan Murano

Step 1

Unscrew the valve core from the wheel and let the air out. This is also important to let tire a deformation when taking it off.

Step 2

Lay the tire on some kind of board or ramp, long enough so it's longer than the diameter of the wheel.

Hook the crowbar wi the the ratchet strap from the one side and place the log under it as shown on picture.

Step 3

Fix other side with the ratchet passing belt around the board. Tighten ratchet until the tire is off the rim edge enough.

With the help of other crowbar or similar tool, remove the rest of the tire from the edge of the rim.

Step 4

Repeat with other side of the wheel.

Take the tire completely off with the crowbars as shown on picture.

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