Reading Service Engine Soon OBD codes on Nissan Murano

Sometimes you have "Service Engine Soon" indicator on on your Nissan Murano dash. Nothing to worry about yet. Follow few simple steps to read ODB codes and diagnose the situation.

Step 1

Locate OBD reader socket below the steering wheel.

Make sure car ignition is off.

Connect OBD reader to the socket and turn ignition to ON position, but DO NOT start the engine!

Step 2

Select to read codes from the menu, reader will take few seconds to read stored OBD codes.

Scroll all the codes read and remember them.

P0455 OBD code could be caused by not sealed gas tank cap.

Locate Erase menu option on OBG Code Reader.

Run erasing procedure to erase the codes.

Step 3

Now, switch off the power switch and disconnect the OBD reader from the socket.

Run the car. "Service Engine Soon" light should be off.

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